Life & Health

Health insurance grows ever more important as healthcare costs continue to rise. Are you prepared to foot the bill for a visit to a specialist, to purchase prescription medication, or a visit to the emergency room? Most Americans are not according to recent surveys. Additionally, compliance with the Affordable Care Act will help you to save money on taxes, fines, and penalties. But which coverages do you need to stay compliant? Which coverages will prove most advantageous to you and others on your plan? How can you best leverage the coverage you elect? Only a trusted partner can provide you with the peace of mind that should accompany a health insurance policy.

While health insurance provides general protection for your well-being, it cannot provide supplementary income when injury keeps you out of work. This is the key to disability insurance. The last thing you want to worry about when struggling with a serious injury is how you’ll afford to buy food, pay the rent, and cover the essentials.

Sometimes life takes an unexpected turn. A few inches to the left or right can mean life or death in an accident. One person recovers readily from pneumonia, while another doesn’t. Seldom can we anticipate the future. That’s where a life insurance policy makes an immense difference – in the quality of life for those you leave behind. Parents, spouses, siblings, children, grandchildren – many people will suffer your loss. While the emotional challenge can’t be alleviated, the financial challenge can. Funeral costs, mortgage costs, loss of income, estate management – the expenses add up fast. Leave your loved ones better off.

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